• The Bits schools have the great advantage to learn from each other. We created the Bits Manual, a collection of experiences and interesting tools, examples and hand outs from the people who have been involved in setting up and running a Bits school for years. The manual is set up as an information handbook with relevant information for both existing and new Bits. It is a “living document”. New forms are developed with new experiences and lessons are learnt – all of which are included in the manual.

    The manual exists of four chapters. The first chapter “Bits Basics” offers a solid foundation for explaining what the Bits concept is. For those interested in starting a Bits school, it provides information on what it means to be a Bits school. For existing Bits schools it is a good reference for their external communications with donors, partners and other organisations and individuals. The chapter on the curriculum gives an in-depth insight into the different curriculum components. Contextualising the curriculum is a challenge for a starting Bits, whereas keeping it up to date is especially important when you have been running a Bits for some time. The third chapter is about sustainable impact. It involves both the sustainability of the school (finance and upscaling) as well as the school’s positive impact on the students’ socio economic situation. This means that it needs to be calculated in from the start, while continuing to review the school’s sustainability and impact over the years.

  • The last chapter is primarily a guideline for those who want to start a Bits. Which steps do you go through? What kind of things do you have to take into consideration? And how can the Bits Family and Butterfly Works support in this?

    The Bits concept had been a proven success. And the core of this success lays in the flexibility of adjusting the existing methods and content to local needs, opportunities and challenges. This manual therefore does not contain absolute answers, as these are inseparable with the context the Bits school operates in (e.g. location, available budget, local business opportunities, and specific challenges). Fortunately, the Bits Family and founding partner Butterfly Works, are always available to think along. Don’t hesitate to ask!

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