The Bits Academy is the digital learning environment for all the students and trainers of the Bits schools. It's here where students and trainers indulge in their courses of digital media and design.

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Student Work

Explore the work of students from all the Bits schools. See what they have made and get in touch with them. 

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The curriculum of each Bits school consists of three consequtive courses: Getting Connected, Digital Garage and Media Lab. They all focus on digital media, design and web development.

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Visual Impressions

See what life at a Bits school is like and watch trainers and students share their story.  

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Bits family

  • From the year 2000 onwards, the Bit schools have already trained over 6500 youth in East and West Africa and Pakistan.

    Every person within a Bits school is part of the loving Bits family.
    The schools are all independent entities, but use this digital environment
    within their courses.



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  • Bits Family