Bits family

  • A Bits school is a digital design school that draws students from less privileged backgrounds in an urban area. The primary objective is to provide youth with knowledge in web design, IT skills, creative multimedia and entrepreneurship to improve their opportunities in employment or venturing into business. In addition, the training includes the so-called “life skills”, focussing on issues that youth have to deal with while growing up, such as sexual and reproductive health and building confidence and self-esteem.

    From the year 2000 onwards, the Bits schools have already trained over 6500 youth in East and West Africa and Pakistan. Most of them having been able to secure employment in both formal and informal sectors, the success rate is approximately 80%. The Bits schools work with established local partners that are directly linked to the targeted youth. These partners are responsible for selection and monitoring of youth who will participate in the trainings. 

  • The schools also closely cooperate with the private sector, where (future) partnering companies provide internship places for students, as well as give feedback on the curriculum content to ensure that this is based on and in line with the needs of the current and future markets.

    Owing to the level of success, the concept of NairoBits has been replicated to similar settings in other countries. Butterfly Works and NairoBits together developed a franchise model, which has been implemented in AddisBits in Addis Ababa, ZanziBits at Zanzibar, KampaBits in Kampala and AruaBits in Arua (Uganda). In 2014, the Bits family grew beyond the African context and IndusBits in Jamshoro (Pakistan) was born. The next year another Bits school, Tamabits in Ghana, was founded, this time crossing the African mainland to the West of the continent.

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