• Bits Academy is the digital learning environment of the schools in the Bits family. This family consists of AddisBits in Addis Ababa, AruaBits in Arua, KampaBits in Kampala, NairoBits in Nairobi, ZanziBits in Zanzibar, IndusBits in Jamshoro and TamaBits in Ghana, EkoBits in Nigeria, HargaBits in Somaliland and CairoBits in Egypt. The schools exist to promote positive change in the lifestyles of less privileged youth through digital design courses. From the year 2000 onwards, the Bits schools have already trained over 6500 youth in East and West Africa and Pakistan. Most of them having been able to secure employment in both formal and informal sectors, the success rate is approximately 80%.

    The Bits Academy is the space where students and trainers learn, create and share with each other. This digital environment - just like their courses - is based on the concept of experiential learning. Here, everyone is seen as a talented individual who learns best by doing. The discovery of one’s own potential and the stimulation of personal and professional development is at the core of all (inter-)activities that students and trainers can indulge in after entering the premises of Bits Academy.

    One of the advanced features of Bits Academy is its connectivity. The platform can be accessed by any student or trainer at any given moment, even if the internet is not up and running for the day. Local servers and clever technologies take care of the synchronisation with our global server as soon as internet is back. This makes working with Bits Academy a smooth experience.

  • Three core values form the backbone of Bits Academy and the Bits family. These are innovation, relevance and creativity. We see innovation as embracing the latest tools in technology and adapting constantly to the world around us in order to develop a wide range of digital content. Relevance is seen in the light of training real-life skills that are in line with business needs in order to gain a better access to job markets and make a difference to others. Lastly, creativity is practised as the process of creation, of constructing one’s own identity and of going in new directions.

    In the digital environment of Bits Academy, students can work on their projects, see the progress in their courses, indulge in discussions, share their learning experiences, assess themselves by doing exercises and build up a portfolio to showcase their talents. In addition, trainers can share their courses and resources with each other and keep track of the progress of each student. Thus, the digital divide between the Bits schools is narrowed, but the platform gives enough space for each school to adjust their course contents to the local needs.

    Does this sound appealing to you and would you like to get involved? There are many ways of doing so, as a potential trainer or guest speaker for example, or as a volunteer or a funder. For more information, visit our FAQ page or contact the Bits family directly.